dunhill_fine_cut_mentholThe company began its development with the family’s business, which helped Alfred Dunhill in 1893, open his first venture where were manufactured luxury saddle, horse harnesses, bridles, blankets.
In 1902, after the appearance of the open car as a new vehicle, Dunhill rapidly expanded the market and began to create clothes and accessories for motorists.
The first cars were produced without the accessories that we used to see in the cars today. Seats, dashboard, glove compartment and all the rest was done later after the car appearance. Dunhill’s idea to equip the car with the highest quality, stylish accessories, got rapid development.
In 1907, Alfred Dunhill – the founder of the dynasty of entrepreneurs, opened his first tobacco shop. It was opened in London on the Duke Street. Today, the company is divided into two components: first division – Alfred Dunhill Pipes Ltd. engaged in tobacco and the second division produces perfumes, accessories, and other luxury things. Until 1982, the company produces cigars and cigarettes, paying much attention to pipes and pipe tobacco, which can be mixed directly into the store. These products are still produced, and its range is available in many countries.
For the first time, the Alfred Dunhill Ltd. company created their own cigar brand in the 1970s. The first Dunhill cigars were made in Cuba and released in 1984. In the same year, Dunhill cigars were delivered in the ten countries of the world, and a year later the number of importing countries has increased to 30. Later in 1991, a contract with Cuba was terminated and Dunhill ceased to be the personification of luxury Cuban cigars. In the same period, the brand began to produce their first menthol cigarettes.
The first cigarettes Dunhill brand was launched in the late 20th century, they were characterized as cigarettes made of elite varieties of tobacco with real cigar taste.
Today Dunhill cigarette brand is owned by British American Tobacco company.
In the early 2000s, a new brand of cigarettes Dunhill Top Leaf was launched with a brown filter and appeared the first Dunhill menthol cigarettes, later was released the brand of cigarettes Dunhill Fine Cut, produced in Switzerland. Now in the market, you can find 4 types of cigarettes Dunhill Fine Cut.
Dunhill Fine Cut Black, Dunhill Fine Cut Azure, Dunhill Fine Cut White and, of course, menthol cigarettes Dunhill Fine Cut Menthol.
Despite that over the past 100 years, smokers tastes have changed dramatically, the company Dunhill continues to create products – the quintessence of the English style and quality that is easily recognized worldwide.