Newport MentholMenthol cigarettes – cigarettes made of tobacco with special chemical additives with menthol flavor, more often they are located in a filter or impregnated in cigarette paper. Menthol additives stimulate the lung and the oral cavity receptors, which are responsible for the effect of coolness without any decrease in temperature.
In 1920, tobacco companies began for the first time to add menthol in cigarettes. In 1924, tobacco company «Axton-Fisher» released menthol cigarettes under the brand name «Spud», and three years later «Brown & Williamson» began selling cigarettes under a popular brand «Kool».
Over time, a large number of new brands, including cigarette brands as American Spirits, Camel, Marlboro, Misty, More began to create cigarette brands with menthol. On of the first UK menthol cigarette brands were: JPS, Lambert & Butler, Richmond and Sterling.

In the list of brands that have released menthol flavored cigarettes also was Newport brand released by Lorillard Company in the beginning of the second half of the last century and immediately won the hearts of smokers. Today, Newport cigarette brand is ranked second in the US after Marlboro cigarette. In the original version Newport cigarettes had a white filter, but after more than 12 years, it was replaced by a standard brown filter, but the excellent taste of tobacco with menthol in cigarettes have not changed.

The Newport brand reached the peak of its popularity in 1983 in the category of menthol cigarettes in 1993. The Newport cigarette brand was recognized as the youngest franchise: the level of sales among the age group of 18 to 24 years was 53%, and with the penetration of the brand in the African-American market, its popularity among young people has doubled.
The Newport menthol cigarette brand exists to this day and even today these cigarettes keep one of the leading places in the worldwide tobacco and cigarettes market as the best-selling menthol cigarettes.