Esse cigarettes brand combines such things as stylishness, extraordinary taste and fashion. If smokers taste this tobacco product for the first time, they will be surprised to feel so many mellow ingredients that relax at once.

Esse Menthol CigarettesThese cigarettes have proved to be one of the leaders among the most desired brands. The large consumption of the brand is due to that slimmest design. Moreover, the slimmest design is one of the recently innovated items in cigarette manufacturing.

Esse cigarettes have everything, the cigarettes just need: grace and style. There is no need to look for something else, which is fresh and stylish! Menthol, added to tobacco is an excellent choice for any smoker!

It is more than just a menthol taste, it is a lifestyle or way of life as one may also call it! It must be noticed.

So if you are interested in new sensations, taste it and you will not regret it!