Vogue is a brand of cigarettes, which is known for its unique combination of flavor and aroma. Aroma is very tender and sweet due to the added menthol.

Vogue Super Slims MentholThis is a decorative brand and is sold mainly to female population. Nevertheless, men also have the possibility to taste these cigarettes.

The pack’s design is simple and elegant. The collection of Vogue cigarettes makes it possible to get pleasure and smoke various exotic and flavored cigarettes. Is it not interesting to discover something new again and again?

Excellent Vogue tobacco is available in following assortment: Vogue Arome, Vogue Menthol, Vogue Lilas and Vogue Bleue.

Vogue Super Slims Menthol Cigarettes is just loved by women. For them, Vogue is more than a usual cigarette it’s their “menthol” lifestyle.