Epique cigarette is a cigarettes brand manufactured by JT International.

Epique is comes from French (“epic”), but for Englishmen it sounds like “peak” (top). No matter how you translate it, there will one common sense preserved “this stuff is really good”.

Epique Menthol CigarettesEpique cigarettes are super-slim cigarettes and are very popular among women. Epique cigarettes have a very peculiar and mild, smooth flavor. This brand contains less chemical additives than other cigarette brands. Epique Lights and Epique Menthol belong to trendy, fashionable and stylish brands.

At the very beginning, Epique cigarettes were a purely “girl’s cigarette”. However, now these cigarettes are popular by young people of both sexes.

It is the matter of taste! And as it is known young generation is interested in fun, taste (menthol taste) and fashion. So, there is no surprise that they prefer exactly this way of life and the cigarettes, which are part of this life. This tobacco product can be smoked on special occasions or not. These cigarettes are created for those ones, who want a healthier cigarette choice.