Kool cigarettes brand is a brand of Menthol Cigarettes. It was introduced in 1933. It was originally produced for “sophisticated man”.

At the very beginning, these were unfiltered cigarettes. They were short ones. However, there were later added 85 mm king-size versions. These new cigarettes were also filtered and gained popularity very quickly.

MentholThe brand used the penguin “Willie” for its advertising. This interesting character changed several different professions in this advertising. There were a doctor, a soldier and a chef among there professions.

The brand also showed cool outdoor scenes in its advertisement’s ads. These scenes portrayed water or snow. So, one could understand that Kool gives a winter freshness and coolness.

These Menthol Cigarettes have a mild menthol flavor. There is also a reduced tar content.

This brand is characterized by the dulled tobacco taste. The smokers gets unbelievable freshness and inhales the smoke easier. So, he doesn’t feel any harsh inhalation.