Many people, sometimes, guess why exactly menthol is used as additional substance for manufacturing cigarettes? The smokers, of course, admire, this kind of cigarettes but the question is nevertheless vital for them.

Then as it is known, menthol is a white crystalline substance with a characteristic acrid odor. It is derived from the oil of the peppermint plant, Mentha piperita . It is also prepared synthetically from coal tar. Menthol is freely soluble in ethyl alcohol and chloroform. It is proved to be a local anesthetic and is useful for itching relief. It gives a cool sensation onto the skin. It is widely used in medicine and cosmetics.

MentholAs for the question, asked before – the reason why menthol is added to cigarettes is the same – due to its anesthetic properties. So, when inhaling the menthol smoke, one gets immediately an unbelievable and unforgettable taste. Especially, if a smoker has a sore throat, it will help him to recover soon and swallow down without any problems.

One should also view menthol as a new alternative to classic cigarettes. Menthol is also used as an alternative to regular cigarettes, it makes them more “delicious”. Furthermore, many scientists propose that menthol inhibits nicotine metabolism.

One can judge, what amount of nicotine is in the cigarette, only by looking at the variants of the Menthol cigarettes. Thus, Menthol cigarettes come in regular, light, and ultra light versions, which correspond to the nicotine content.