The brand of Newport Cigarettes was marketed in 1957. It is a brand of Menthol Cigarettes produced by Lorillard Tobacco Company of Greensboro, North Carolina, United States. Newport cigarettes occupy one of the leading  positions on the American market. As a result, Newports get a great profit out of  the African – American market.

CigarettesThis brand is offered in several varieties (including Menthol variety): Full Flavor, Medium, and Lights.  Each variety is offered in 85 mm soft packs (king size), 80mm hard packs (box), and 100mm soft and hard packs.

Having selected these Menthol Cigarettes, smokers have made a great chose. These cigarettes were originally Menthol ones, eventhough non-menthol versions are produced. That is why the original tradition of Menthol Cigarettes manufacturing is strongly preserved. Moreover, the manufacturing technologies are improving year after year.

Non-menthol Newports in Full Flavor and Lights were sold in United States during the mid to late 1990s or even to late 2002. Unfortunately, they were discontinued untill 2010. However, they were relaunched in November 2010. The purpose was to provide the smokers also with the non-menthol versions of this brand.