Menthol Cigarettes are loved and enjoy wide popularity everywhere. But, first, there is a necessity to understand what are Menthol cigarettes. Only then we will be able to explain the reasons of their enviable reputation.

So, a menthol cigarette is a cigarette, which contains menthol as a compound substance. This very substance affects the nerves in the skin, sensitive to cold. However, there is not observed a drop in temperature. This menthol substance, used for cigarettes, is produced from mint plants. As a result, there is a cool and pleasant sensation in the mouth and lips. It is an important fact even during smoking! One should not think that the menthol taste is artificial. On the contrary, it is natural!

Menthol CigarettesAs for the creation of menthol cigarettes, they have been in the United States for some time before they started to be marketed and advertised. Actually, the first menthol cigarette was created in 1924 by Spud Brand. But it was not introduced onto the market until 1927. And when their introduction had finally taken place, there was also used an eye-catching phrase: “Menthol Cooled.” It was unbelievable and incredible as nothing similar had never existed before.

Since that time many companies have sold menthol brands of cigarettes: Kool®, Salem®, Newport®, Marlboro Menthol®, and Camel Menthol®. These were the top sellers.

It is well-known that the cigarettes manufacturing companies always try to look for different new ways to attract people to taste their products. For example, in August 2008, Camel® launched a new kind of menthol cigarette – Camel Menthol Crush&reg. The idea is that if a smoker wants to smoke a menthol cigarette, he just has to press a blue ball, which is filled with menthol. Thus, a regular and classic cigarette can be turned into a menthol one immediately.

So, additionally we can say that menthol cigarettes are not simply new cigarettes, but a matter of choice and preference for smokers.