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The cigarettes Karelia Slims are the world famous brand of thin modern premium quality cigarettes belonging to the family of George Karelia and sons. The brand did not appear until 1995, but its parent company was founded in 1888. Among the founders of the company was the Greek tobacco farmer George Karelias.

Karelia Tabakgesellschaft Inc. is one of the oldest tobacco companies. The company was founded in the 19th century, but despite its respectable age, managed to remain famous, maintain its independence, and maintain the original Greek tradition of tobacco cultivation. The main products of the company are tobacco products, cigarettes, tobacco paper, and cigarillos.
The cigarettes Karelia Slims were created as an independent brand. She had to expand the product line for loyal customers of & George Karelias and Sons &. It was actually a gift for customer loyalty and was addressed to the customers, who were quite perspective for this company and had to stay that way. The young generation was not forgotten. These experiments result in today’s success and desire to buy cheap cigarettes online.

The production of thin cigarettes of the line Karelia Slims now uses innovative technologies: highly efficient filters, refined tobacco of excellent quality, natural paper.
The cigarettes Karelia Slims are relatively simple, while they have a rich taste. The manufacturer does not use synthetic additives, tobacco syrup, flavors and genetically modified products.
Only natural ingredients are used to prepare the tobacco blend, making it possible to classify Karelia Slims as a tight category of organic cigarettes. If you appreciate the Greek traditions, feel the taste of naturally grown tobacco, we recommend you visit our online store once.
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