The desire to buy cigarettes online can turn out into an income. Very simply, by means of Forex.

Shares of tobacco companies, as well as human weaknesses, are not subject to crisis. As long as the globe does not ban tobacco in any form, its manufacturers and their profits are safe.

Those smokers who buy cigarettes online can also share profits of tobacco manufacturers and cigarette wholesalers by playing Forex.

In 2001, nurse Mary Farnan earned $ 2.85 million. Four years later, carpenter Frank Amodeo received $ 5.83 million. A couple of years later, the woodcutter Meryl Jones set a new bar – he replenished his capital by $ 22 million. What unites all these people? Forex, stock market gambling, passion to bet on sporting events? The answer is much simpler: they are all heavy smokers who were able to prove that they were not warned about the negative effects of smoking on their bodies. The last record was set last November, when a Florida court ordered Philip Morris USA to pay $ 300 million to pensioner Cindy Nogl at once (of which $ 56.6 million in compensation for past and future medical expenses, and $ 244 million for fines).

And it seems that more and more than half a million lawsuits totaling more than $ 500 billion were filed against them in 2008 alone. In 2008 alone, despite the endless stream of “visible” smokers, tobacco companies continue to keep on afloat, and their shares – to enjoy high demand from investors. The reason is simple: no matter how the world changes, no matter what crises hit the system and no matter how much oil costs, smokers smoked, smoked and will smoke.

And, consequently, they will buy cigarettes online Perth.

So, you can play a double game. You satisfy your tobacco needs while you buy cigarettes online and return cash by playing Forex.