Unusual stylish box can increase the loyalty of supporters of the brand who habitually buy cheap cigarettes online, and also attract new ones as well as increase the profitability of the business by increasing the maximum retail price. At the same time, packaging in the premium and super – premium segment is slowly but surely turning into a fashion accessory.
Virtually all market participants and experts agree: in the face of fierce competition and fashion among smokers, new and unusual cigarette packs restyling brands becomes inevitable, even for shoppers who buy cheap cigarettes online. The only question is how often will the brand owners carry it out and how radically? The taste of cigarettes cannot be constantly changed as well as endlessly expanding the family line. It remains restyling.

“Consumers are increasingly demanding new products and their packaging, they get used to the fact that there are new products on the market, and they themselves tend to change their preferences, says Leo McLaughlin from Philip Morris International. That is why it is important for us to respond to evolving expectations and maintain the relevance and dynamism of our brands, updating them in a timely manner. ”

However, the manufacturer has the opportunity to transform the design of the brand for a short period without fear of receiving a negative reaction from conservative consumers – this is Limited Editions. Moreover, you can buy limited edition cigarettes not only in specialized tobacco shops and nightclubs.
Limited Editions are often used as a testing ground for new ideas. So, “Philip Morris” has released a limited edition of Marlboro cigarettes called “Marlboro Club Collection”.
Packaging is a special market approach to the needs of smokers.

People who search for and buy cheap cigarettes online do not procure them for the price only.

They follow this way as they see attracting cigarettes package on the screen.

Good idea for manufacturers.