I’m too lazy to get up from a cozy chair, lean out to the waist in the cold. I feel already uncomfortable when a piercing cold wind blows me or, for all that, through me. And I’m afraid to chill my head. Fair. No matter how silly it sounds. I want to smoke, shaking off the ashes not in the courtyard, but in an ashtray, sit in front of a computer or just at the table, and so that the smoke would trickle into the open window. I do not like to come away to purchase a pack of cigarettes, I buy cigarettes online.
And yet, it seems to me that parents already know that I smoke. Just close their eyes to it. It is impossible not to notice this smell, the constant door to my room, a draft, walking in the room. I love to buy cigarettes online…

How good it is for me …

Recently went to a manicure and made a haircut.
From a bothered and worn out life with a nerd with lousy nerves, I turned into a self-confident girl, stylish, well-groomed, with a certain amount of philosophy and indifference.
At night, I smoke, looking at the snowflakes flying past me, breathing smoke and sweet winter air … The snow falls on my face and melts … Nice.
I drink wine, twisting a glass in my hand for two hours … Only one glass, but it is so beautiful and elegant.

Although today, I tried to buy cigarettes online and have smoked half a pack, not bothering my parents, reading a book and eating a huge amount of sweets.
When mom saw it all, her jaw almost fell out. Ha ha ha … And she said nothing … She just laughed … I love my mother …
Fabulous metamorphosis … I changed so much … Everything fell on top