kool_mentholKool cigarettes are the exceptional menthol-based tobacco product, which was specially created for ladies. The Kool cigarettes are produced by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, the extremely prominent tobacco manufacturer. These cigarettes are one of special kinds of tobacco products.

Kool cigarettes appeared in order to bring something that was not known before and namely a new manner of smoking.

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There is a wide range of assortments of Kool cigarettes, which lengths vary from the extra large ones to the 100’s.

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No impact on the popularity of these cigarettes happened when the brand was purchased by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company in 2003.

KOOL went on developing new product varieties where we can observe an exact distinction. Ech of the variety will always impress us every time we light up.

So, these cigarettes are marketed in a wide range, but all variants have the same features – a strong menthol flavor.

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