newport-mentholUnprecedental Newport cigarettes were created for 1957. Since that time, the producers of this brand managed to win its high popularity by means of some successful innovations. The contents and proportions of tar and nicotine were changed. Those developments were made to redesign this cigarette brand in order to satisfy the needs of the majority of smokers.

Newport menthol cigarettes are among the most prominent cigarette brands, they are a preference of those smokers who always look for purer and fresher smoking products. With a nicotine substance of 0.2mg, Newports are famous for their high-quality tobacco mixture, which is apparent in each drag of smoke that you inhale. Newport smokers have a strong addiction to this brand, because only they know what they feel while inhaling the unique smoke of these aromatic cigarettes.

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The manufacturer of Newport cigarettes always set a goal to develop a special menthol taste of this brand. These cigarettes were produced with white filters. These were particular elements of the Newport menthol cigarettes, which made them so prominent everywhere throughout the world.

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