imagesSalem cigarettes are a brand fabricated by R.J.Reynolds Tobacco Company since 1956. It was one of the principal cigarette brands to set up the menthol cigarette classification.

That is the reason why the Salem brand is an extremely well-known name in several nations. It was established in 1956 and named after the city where its history started. The manufacturer of this brand is additionally outstanding because of its great notoriety in the universal tobacco industry.

The proprietor of the Salem cigarettes, the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, initially presented them as the filter- tipped menthol tobacco product and these cigarettes quickly got to become a mainstream.

The packaging for this brand was essentially re-designed in the late 1990s, with the expansion of sliding packs, and the appearance of cigarettes with green filters.

The Salems had dependably become known for their incomparable quality and unconventional taste. Today, these cigarettes are one of the main menthol brands, which are distributed in more than 30 nations.

Salem cigarettes are unmistakably distinguished from other menthol cigarettes for the reason that their blend is really unique. It’s blended with Asian Menthol that gives it such an exceptional flavor. Salem is a great tobacco item that is known additionally as the dynamic supporter of ATP tennis competitions and patron of numerous events, including the shows all through Asia.

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