newport-mentholNewport cigarettes are the cigarettes which amaze the smokers all the time bring something new to smoking process. These are cigarettes which have to be tried by any smoker who is fond of smoking.

US Newport cigarettes were first released relatively recently – in 1957. However, at the moment this tobacco products ranks first place in popularity of products of Lorillard company.

The company’s production facilities are located in the United States, in North Carolina in Greensboro. It is worth noting that the production of these cigarettes occupies on the scale the fourth position in the United States. It is interesting that Lorillard Inc. Company was founded much earlier – in 1760.

But first tobacco products of this company appeared much later – in 1926. Cigarettes were called Old Gold Label. A little later, in 1952, the firm made a huge leap forward, creating the well-known brand Kent.

The company focuses on the production of menthol cigarettes, because in many countries the amount of menthol tobacco products can reach 25 per cent of the total market, which is not often elaborated in other countries.

These cigarettes sales reached their peak in 1993 among the audience of 18 to 24 years, about 53 percent of all smokers preferred these cigarettes. After this the brand became unwind in the African-American market, the popularity of cigarettes increased twice.

Of course, the mark succeeded to achieve such results not only due to a competent marketing policy and a focus on menthol cigarettes, but due to really high quality products.

These cigarettes do not merely give the customers a pleasant mint flavor, but also leave behind a feeling of cleanliness and freshness, which can not be reached by the rest of the producers offering tobacco with menthol taste.

We should also note a fairly wide range of products of modern brand is not only menthol cigarettes of different strength (from a minimum of 0.2 milligrams of nicotine per cigarette), but even strong cigarettes without menthol content.

And in these and in other cigarettes in the production there is used tobacco of only the highest quality. Packaging design was almost always green, which immediately makes a hint of mint cigarettes inside. The producer had to spend a lot of money and effort in order to meet the needs of an absolute majority of smokers. And smokers appreciated that so much because Newport cigarettes are bough so often!