LD cigarettes are cigarettes with a century of history, the oldest brand in the international market of tobacco products. One of its first slogans read: “LD cigarettes are pleasure.” And it’s true! Almost a century-old history of the popularity of this brand confirms the truth of this statement.

Since then, LD cigarettes have begun to dramatically increase in popularity. New notes in its taste were appreciated by buyers, and the brand by the beginning of the forties was already leading in sales of tobacco products in the country. Unlike other manufacturers of tobacco products, the owners of the company invested heavily in advertising, in which the most famous artists were attracted to participate. Chesterfield became the brand of choice of Frank Sinatra, Lauren Bacall, Gregory Peck. In the novels of Ian Fleming, the brand of cigarettes Chesterfield is one of the favorites of the hero of the work of James Bond, which indicates their considerable popularity.

The basis of the success of LD cigarettes, the fact that distinguished them from many competitors – high quality and a special taste of tobacco. A mixture of high-quality, well-blended tobaccos is used for production – warm and spicy Virginia, dark rich Burley and soft selected Oriental Golden.

This distinguishes LD cigarettes from many other manufacturers and is the key to the unique taste of LD cigarettes – recognizable, real pristine tobacco, without adding flavors, after the initial sharpness of becoming pleasant and delightful.

Models sold, types of LD cigarettes and their characteristics. The result of the development and modernization of production, the study of consumer demand was the appearance on the market of a light type of classic blue Chesterfield cigarettes in contrast to competitors who are increasing the production of brands of strong varieties. Initially positioning itself as a tobacco product for the working class, LD cigarettes became the preferred brand of knowledge workers, creative people.

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