Despite or precisely because of the extension of our product assortment, we go on placing new offers and promotions of discount cigarettes. With us you can buy the popular box of discount cigarettes online and settle your order with one of many means of payment. Information on the nicotine and starch content can be found on the product page as well as information on the expected delivery time. Of course, your order of discount cigarettes in our online shop is secured as our policy demands the customer privacy protection!

Order discount cigarettes – for enjoyment and conviviality. The actual history of the consumption of tobacco products goes back a long way – and probably has its origin in indigenous peoples. In the context of various ceremonies, tobacco was smoked at an early stage of history. Primarily to underline and consolidate certain rituals – analogous to the relaxation and enjoyment effects recognized early on. The term “peace pipe” is therefore no coincidence. With the first industrially manufactured cigarettes (initially without filters), tobacco could finally be enjoyed worldwide – anytime and anywhere. Since then, the image of the cigarette has hardly changed – many still swear by it, others tend to distance themselves; not least because of the health risks. With new inventions such as electronic cigarettes, the field of possibilities, but also of potentially less harmful alternatives, has been expanded – although we are looking forward to further promotions of top brands as discount cigarettes. Of course, we will always keep you up to date on them.

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