Innovations do not bypass the tobacco industry. So, in free access there are flavored cigarettes with a button, which are now sold as cheap cigarettes online Australia wide. Simple activation of the capsule completely changes the taste and smell of tobacco products. Usually fruity and berry and menthol aromas are used. Let’s see what they are called and what tastes they have. Recently, cigarettes with a button have been gaining increasing popularity, but not even all experienced smokers will be able to answer the question: “What is it?”

Cigarettes with a button are distinguished by a special capsule filled with oil liquid. The flavor is in a hard shell. To activate it, you will have to press the circle, bursting the capsule. When the flavor enters the filter, the smoke passes through it and is saturated with a pleasant taste and aroma. This feature allows users to choose whether to smoke regular cigarettes or flavored ones.In appearance, they are no different from ordinary ones, except that the filter shows a button. Here is placed a capsule with flavoring. You need to press the button (until the click), it will burst, and the liquid that is contained in the “ball” will soak the cigarette. Is interesting for those who purchase cheap cigarettes online Australia wide.

Activate the “flavor mode” is recommended not immediately, but at least in the middle of the process. Thus, after smoking ordinary tobacco, you can enjoy your favorite aroma.

Varieties of flavored cigarettes to order cheap cigarettes online Australia wide. Most popular brands began to use an interesting innovation, releasing cigarettes with different tastes. Some options have a single capsule and can get bored quickly. Others offer two buttons at once, which expands the possibilities of smoking (you can use only one taste or two at a time).

Marlboro. By the way, the choice of them is huge: classic menthol, fruits, berries and even chocolate. If you press the button at the very beginning, the aroma will exhale, and at the end there will be nothing left of it.

Like any novelty, capsule cigarettes were very expensive. Now budget brands are also produced, so everyone can try them.