There is no need to present Marlboro cigarettes brand. It is known worldwide. Firstly, it was offered for sale at the London market in 1847. However, soon it showed up in the US.

Marlboro Blue Ice

Marlboro invented the Marlboro Man in its advertisements. This character was the key moment, which could attract more customers. These had to be mainly men, who liked to work and work hard. The manufacturers of this brand wanted to emphasize the very essence of these cigarettes – the cigarettes for tough guys.

The Menthol Cigarettes version of this brand shows how quickly it is sold worldwide. Smokers like the menthol taste and flavor. It is even interesting to smoke these cigarettes, because even tough men need to smoke mild menthol taste in order to calm down after a hard day of work.

Marlboro is a great and fantastic brand. One can observe how fast this brand becomes more and more perfect. Devoted and faithful customers constantly support this brand of cigarettes and give new ideas for its further promotion.