The brand of these cigarettes is manufactured by RJR (R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company). Just like Salem cigarettes – another brand of RJR, Winston was named after the town, where this tobacco company is based: Winston-Salem, North Carolina State.

The brand wWinston Menthol Cigarettesas marketed in 1955. And soon after its introduction, it became the best-selling brand of cigarettes in the United States.

Nowadays, we still observe that Winston is one of the top 10 brands in the U.S. But not only there, it is also very popular all over the world. These cigarettes are intensively advertised. The quality, offered to smokers, is a premium one.

Moreover, these Winston Super Slims Fresh Menthol cigarettes represent the very essence of America, its spirit. One will definitely discover great flavor and aroma (menthol aroma). Menthol has become already a symbol of modernity, sexual appeal and prestige. These main segments make up a modern culture.

Menthol Cigarettes. If one has all these qualities then one is really happy and satisfied with his way of life.