Menthol has a beneficial effect onto the skin and makes it feel colder. The reason is the stimulating of the nerve endings, detecting cold. The taste of the burning cigarette will be as well cooled because of the menthol, contained in it. As a result, the feeling of coolness and nice aroma are provided.

Menthol is quite safe. There is no doubt. It does not produce harmful substances (carcinogens) during its burning. So, when smoking Menthol Cigarettes, menthol (contained in them), is carried to the liver. Afterwards it is degraded into harmless compounds.

CigarettesSo what is the myth about Menthol Cigarettes? Where does it originate? An association between certain forms of cancer and use of Menthol Cigarettes may be the cause of this myth. African-Americans suffer much more from smoking-related cancers, including lung cancers and mouth and throat cancers. They tend to smoke more Menthol Cigarettes.

Scientists have tried to determine whether there exists really a direct connection between Menthol Cigarettes and inhaling of carcinogens. However, the results were inconclusive.

There is another supposition: these are racial differences in the liver’s enzymes. These very liver’s enzymes can deactivate cancer-causing molecules in cigarette smoke. Perhaps, it is the probable cause of the diseases lethality.

That is why you should not be concerned about the menthol content in the cigarettes.