The well-known brand of Menthol Cigarettes, named Kool became number 1 in the USA during 1960 and 1970. Young people and Blacks were the dominant consumers of this brand. Thus, this brand was regarded as the brand for young generation, who wants to be young and free.

Ads of this brand illustrated young Black people, dressed nicely. They appealed to the rest of the population to buy Kool and join them. “It’s Got to be Kool!” – cried they. Because one could be cool and free only if he smoked these cigarettes.

Menthol CigarettesThese ads showed the real atmosphere of 1960s and 1970s. And consequently, they also represented the needs and wants of younger generations.

“The Refreshest”

In the late 1980s, Salem decided to change the brand’s use and produce it as the “Industry Standard of Smoking Refreshment”.

It resulted in “The Refreshest” campaign, which showed lots of ice and swimming pools. In this 1988 ad “The Refreshest’- a very sexy and attractive woman applies a large, melting block of ice to her neck
as though it is a stick of deodorant.

Actually, “The Refreshest” is an invented word or the so-called neologism. The company’s research proved that it drew more consumers than an alternative that had been considered, “Pour me a SALEM.”
Neologisms are sometimes invented in order to emphasize the thing or the situation and make it more comprehensive and clear to everyone.

“Light ‘n Sassy”

Women have always been a desirable marketing target for Menthol Cigarettes brands from the very beginning of their existence. In fact, some tobacco companies invented and marketed menthol brands specially for them.

In 1990, for example, the American Tobacco Company introduced ‘Misty”, a slim brand, containing low tar. This cigarettes brand was oriented on women in the 21 to 39 age group.

This “Misty” name” appealed mostly to women. However, men’ reaction was negative to this name at the first time.