Many smokers wonder whether the mint in Menthol Cigarettes is natural or synthetic. Or is it just a combination of both kinds of mint? The answer is clear: there can be added both kinds (natural and synthetic) or only one of them.

They (smokers) are interested in it because they think that it can influence the taste negatively. This is not the case!

Menthol CigarettesNatural mint is produced during the process of crystallization from steamed distilled oil of the mint plant. Some 99 percent of the mint comes through in the smoke.

So how does the substance get on cigarettes? It gets on cigarettes with the help of many methods. Sometimes, it’s applied to the foil, used for wrapping the cigarettes. It can also be sprayed on the tobacco, and even injected into the tobacco paper or the filter.

Nevertheless, the taste is unbelievable and unique. And it is a really minty taste, which extends pleasure of smoking Menthol Cigarettes.