One hears constantly many serious and positive things about this brand of cigarettes (the Menthol Cigarettes). But is there a joke, that would greatly amuse any smoker?

Surely, there exists one: someone asked a question, whether one can stop brushing teeth if one switches to Menthol Cigarettes.

The joke: Of course, it is known a little bit that the chemicals in menthol cigarettes can clean and brush your teeth. So yes, you can stop brushing your teeth as long as you are smoking these cigarettes.

CigarettesOther not so much known facts: arsenic slows down aging, so if you drink a tincture of arsenic, you will definitely be young forever. There is no doubt!

As for your teeth, if you really want white teeth, drink bleach. It will help you even better than the beloved Menthol Cigarettes.

P.S. All the above mentioned is sarcasm – do not even try to imitate what was advised before. It will not lead you to anything good! On the contrary, it may serve as a lesson for any young smoker or even children.