How filters are manufactured

The cigarette filters are made from cellulose acetate. However, different filters depend on different levels of tar delivery.

Cigarette making

The next step is to turn tobacco into a continuous ‘cylinder’. One needs to wrap cigarette paper (with the brand name printed on it) around the tobacco and then cut the whole into lengths, thus making a cigarette rod.

CigarettesAs for menthol brands, menthol has been applied to the cigarette paper.

Each brand making is characterized by a particular tobacco blend, filter and tipping paper. This is the so-called recipe, designed to achieve high quality and unbelievable satisfaction.

Some tipping paper is perforated in order to let air get into the smoke stream.


As soon as the cigarettes are made, they are transported to the packing complex. Firstly, the cigarettes are grouped, concerning the pack size, and then the foil is wrapped around. The cigarette packet arrives in a “blank” form. The blank is wrapped, an inner frame is inserted and glued in order to form the packet.

Three separate but linked machines are used to create a packing complex: On a machine, the packet is wrapped with film. The film will prevent the cigarettes from drying out.

Another machine, the wrapped packets are packed into cartons aimed for bulk selling.

On another machine still, there are packed carton boxes for distribution and wholesale.

Further, the cigarettes will be transported by conveyor, then to the warehouse for distribution to wholesalers and retailers, and finally to consumers.