A very curious smoker can make an experiment and taste different tobacco flavors, when rolling his own tobacco. There are many advantages of rolling tobacco.

There is a great variety of cigarettes versions and their flavors. Cigarettes have tastes of different strengths. That is why there are available light cigarettes, full flavored cigarettes, menthol cigarettes, flavored cigarettes. And one is able to try it on one’s own, having a loose leaf tobacco.

Menthol CigarettesThus, the smoker will have the possibility to blend tobaccos with menthol and with flavor as well. This pure taste will be very helpful to understand whether one has to smoke the Classic cigarettes or the rolled ones.

If someone wants to mix tobaccos, then the best thing is to take a little container and mix the preferred blends of tobacco. These blends may be menthol, cherry flavored, chocolate flavored or full-flavored tobacco. Their amount must be equal. The proportions of the light tobacco and a little bit of menthol will give a rich, flavorful, minty type of cigarette to smoke.

So, it is just a matter of habit! Play with the tastes – there is nothing wrong with it!