more_menthol_soft-gifMore cigarettes are a famous brand, which is manufactured by the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. The More cigarettes are one of the most requested brands in the European and American markets.

Currently, the More cigarettes are distributed by authorized dealers, which are various tobacco companies of the USA, Switzerland and Western European countries. These companies are aimed at the promotion of unique, 120 mm long More cigarettes.

The More cigarettes are consumed by both men and ladies. They are an inter-gender product.

Nowadays, some smokers say that these cigarettes are a great challenge for female consumers. The ladies, who regularly smoke these cigarettes, find them as an incredible tobacco product. Maybe, because these cigarettes are very thin. More cigarettes infer a sentiment delight and predominance of the female power.

More cigarettes would never reach such overwhelming success if they did not have such a superior quality.

Do not hesitate to buy the More cigarettes as they will give you a chance to appreciate an unbelievable and pleasant flavor. At the moment, when smokers start using More cigarettes, they will be persuaded forever in their top quality.

This brand has some subcategories, for example, More Red 120, More Menthol 120, More Filters, More Balanced Blue, More Subtle Silver, More Fine White. Concerning the essential characteristic, the 120mm length was the advancement that was later embraced by different producers as well. More cigarettes are distributed online in numerous assortments, which are full-flavored and menthol-based.

The “Light” variant can be cocoa or white-hued, 120mm or 100 mm long. More cigarettes draw in clients with their external view and flavor. Smokers will appreciate seeing their decent shape and breathing their superb fragrance. There is something in these cigarettes what reminds stogies. Well, buyers are genuinely satisfied with them.

Shoppers comment the similarity of the More cigarette colors and the colors of tobacco leaves (it is similar to the cigar color). To some extent, these cigarettes are like cigars. However, a nice color is a grand attraction and temptation to once try these cigarettes.

Unordinary color can be considered as a guarantee of unique taste. Smokers can be firstly astounded with a cigarette outlook and then they will be charmed by the smoke flavor.
The flavor and color of More cigarettes are the basic criteria of fascination. Smokers are totally satisfied when they purchase these cigarettes at direct costs.