newport-mentholNewport cigarettes, which firstly appeared in the market in 1957 after being promoted by the Lorillard Tobacco Company, are a prominent brand of menthol cigarettes controlled by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company.

Newport cigarettes are demonstrated to make up roughly 35 percent of the menthol cigarette market in the US. Newport cigarettes have accomplished a principle share of the African-American market; the study, which appeared in 2005, stated that 49.5% of all cigarettes deals toward the African Americans witness the attraction of Newport cigarettes.

Just with a nicotine volume that does not surpass 0.2mg, Newport cigarettes are boundless because of the utilization of a quality tobacco mix, which gets to be obvious with each minty inward breath. That is the reason, nothing else is required. The concept is valuable.

These cigarettes have a scrumptious and lovely taste that is favored by numerous smokers everywhere throughout the world. Numerous smokers confirm that the Newport cigarettes have a lighter and more refined flavor than many other cigarette brands. At first, the brand was produced for the ladies who smoke, as they show inclination to the mellow taste of cigarettes.

However, these cigarettes are currently smoked by numerous men as well. The production procedure is altogether controlled and acknowledged in congruity with all Europeans Standards. Just the most avant-garde tobacco production innovations are utilized as a part of the Newport cigarettes production.

The Newport Classic full flavor cigarettes were advanced for a long time as a cigarette that permits you to “Appreciate full flavor menthol, without overwhelming unadulterated tobacco taste.”

The popularity of these cigarettes is great, especially in some Latin American countries, for example, in the Dominican Republic.

The secret of success is always an outspread product range. The British American

Tobacco has been making significant steps for it and hit tobacco markets with cigarette assortments, including the:

Newport Silver (menthol ultra lights form)

Newport Freezing Point (10 and 20 tally boxes)

Newport Midnight Blast

However, the extraordinary taste of Newport cigarettes has not changed yet. Their position of inalterability is the thing that lets this brand survive and gain extraordinary ubiquity.

Well, you will just need to try these cigarettes once and you will become their true fan forever. This is a secret that is secured by multi-year experience