The brand of More cigarettes was manufactured by RJ Reynolds. And since 1975 the cigarettes were oriented on women. These cigarettes have a very colorful and stylish appearance: firstly, they are slim and secondly, they are aromatic. The wrapper of these cigarettes is dark brown. It is one of the main peculiarities of the brand. It is sold in both the regular and menthol versions.

More Menthol CigarettesTobacco, contained in these cigarettes is of a very high quality. It is selected with great care. This flavored tobacco gives an excellent and outstanding taste. It is a real pleasure to smoke these cigarettes! One gets an unbelievable relaxation and delight.

The Menthol version of this brand is also unique because of menthol, added to tobacco as one of its ingredients. If you want to taste something new and mild – definitely try More Menthol Cigarettes.

Nowadays, More cigarettes are sold worldwide. Different tobacco companies (not just RJ Reynolds) have license to manufacture this brand. The best and modern tobacco technologies are involved in cigarettes manufacturing. And these technologies correspond to all the needed standards. As a result, there is a high quality of the brand.