This brand of cigarettes is considered to be the French Rivera of cigarettes. They are named after the country of Monte Carlo. Monte Carlo is a rich country, a country of elegance and style.

Menthol CigarettesThe cigarettes are characterized by a smooth flavor and a rich taste. Many smokers like this special taste. Many even claim that these cigarettes embody luxury and symbolize the glamorous life, which is not affordable for many people. But smoking these cigarettes makes it possible to dream and imagine oneself being a part of it.

The smoke is dense but it is not harsh for the smoker’s throat just like some other brands can be. It makes Monte Carlo Menthol Cigarettes really enjoyable.

The package of Monte Carlo cigarettes is very elegant but at the same time it is simple. It is a white box. It has a colored stripe around the middle, where there is written the brand’s name. The royal lion logo is indicated on the pack’s cover. That is why, one understands at once that it is a royal brand of cigarettes.

This brand offers five flavors, which are the Monte Carlo Full Flavor, the Monte Carlo Lights, the Monte Carlo Super Lights, the Monte Carlo Menthol and the Monte Carlo One. Each of them have differently colored of stripes on the package. The Full Flavor is red, the Lights are blue, the Super Lights is silver, the Menthol is green (that correspondents to green mint) and the Monte Carlo One is white on white.

Monte Carlo Menthol Cigarettes are very popular due to their excellent taste and menthol aroma. Moreover, the taste of these cigarettes is so unlike the taste of the other ones.