Dunhill cigarettes brand is a brand, made by the British American Tobacco company. They are regarded as the best British Cigarettes on the market. Moreover, it is one of the most high quality cigarette brands in the world.

Dunhill Menthol CigarettesThese cigarettes’ packs are unique. They have a flat box that makes these cigarettes more stylish. In recent years these cigarettes have been made available in a number of different styles. Perhaps, Dunhill International cigarettes are a little more expensive than many other brand but they are worth the price.

Dunhill cigarettes contain pure Virginia premium tobacco. They are represented in several verities, namely in Full flavor and menthol flavor as well as there are light and ultra light.

This menthol flavor attracts many experienced and capricious smokers, who want to try something new in their life. Many smokers start to smoke Menthol Cigarettes after many years of Classic Cigarettes smoking. But it is better late than never! Dunhill International Menthol Cigarettes are well-known and highly praised by many smokers worldwide. Its smooth and complete taste fascinates them.