Karelia is a cigarette brand made by Karelia Tobacco Company Inc., Kalamata, Greece. Every year many smokers start to discover the true pleasure of smoking thanks to the exclusive quality and taste of this brand cigarettes.

Karelia Menthol CigarettesThese cigarettes are produced according to old traditions of tobacco manufacturing. This very experience of generations guarantees an unbelievable process of smoking. These cigarettes are regarded as the cigarettes of perfection. They combine everything premium menthol cigarettes should have: a great menthol taste and freshness. Moreover, smoking these cigarettes is very easy.

When smoking these cigarettes, one can imagine or dream of traveling to Greece. Feel the warmth and sun of this country only after the first inhalation! It is such an excellent opportunity!

These cigarettes have a hard package design. There are placed stripes of different colors (blue, green, yellow) on the left side of the package. The background is white. These colors make the package more vivid and colorful. Women like colors. They attract them. But men are also romantic and sentimental.

These excellent cigarettes are also available in the following varieties: Karelia Slims, George Karelia and Sons, Karelia Slims Blue, Karelia Slims Crem Color, George Karelia and Sons Light.