Virginia Menthol Cigarettes brand was manufactured in 1968 by Philip Morris. That time was characterized mainly by a masculine smoking. However, women won their social position (they were discriminated during many centuries).

Virginia CigarettesIn XX- th century women started to feel free and act independently. It was an epoch of emancipation and feminism. Virginia Lights Menthol Cigarettes belong to a stylish, decorative brand, oriented on young working women.

There were created many eye-catching slogans during this brand’s advertising campaign. For example: “Find Your Voice”, and later “It’s a Woman Thing”.

The Menthol Superslims have a strong, cool menthol taste. However, the newer Menthol Lights are not so terribly minty. So, one may feel the difference between them. These versions are both unique and “delicious”. Everything depends on the taste and preference of a smoker.

The menthol variety of this brand is double-wrapped in order to provide the low-smoke aspect. In other words, smoker will not inhale so much smoke into his lungs and that is of great advantage.