The history of the Richmond cigarettes began in 1786. Henry Overton Wills opened a private tobacco shop in Bristol (southwest England). When he died, the family business was passed on to his children. At that time, products were handmade, and in 1888 James Albert Bonsack began rolling tobacco using a rolling machine patented in 1880. At the end of the 19th century, the company expanded, opening manufacturing facilities in Glasgow, Dublin, and London, England. The entire family was involved in the tobacco business, and great-grandson Henry remained involved until the mid-20th century.

In 1953, Henry Vilsa’s business was purchased by Thomas Ogden & Co. The Liverpool Tobacconist (Ogden) opened its first store in 1860 and by 1890 had grown to six factories and several stores.

The American Tobacco Company grew in North America and acquired the entire British tobacco market in the early 1900s. As a result, the “Imperial Tobacco Company” was formed (1901), bringing together 13 family-owned tobacco companies in Ireland and England.

This merger did not lead to the emergence of a single brand in the tobacco market; all companies produced their products under their own names and were independently responsible for the quality of their products. This maintained the customer base that had been built up over decades.

One year after unification, the U.S. agreed with Great Britain to isolate the tobacco market, except for the purchase of Richmond cigarettes. This agreement established the American-British Tobacco Company. The American British Tobacco Company operated until 1911, when it was split into four main companies, one of which was named Imperial Tobacco.

By the 1920s, the company had expanded to include tissue production facilities. Sales channels for African tobacco and recycled Canadian tobacco were formed. By mid-century, Imperial Tobacco had more than 20 companies producing a wide range of products, including cigarette packages, paper products, and printed matter. The company didn’t stop there; it also expanded into the grocery sector, entering the frozen and canned food markets and acquiring breweries, stores, pubs, and restaurants.

What are Richmond cigarettes?

Richmond cigarettes are a rare elite tobacco with a brown casing and black packaging. Unparalleled flavor and aroma are reliably preserved. Richmond cigarettes are a unique tobacco that represents the Richmond family. The casing is made of hemp fibers and contains a carefully selected blend of tobaccos. To better preserve the structure and flavor, Imperial Edition is packaged in a tin. Richmond Super Slim Air 4 – A light, classic tobacco with the refined flavor of fine Golden Virginia tobacco. Richmond Super Slim Air 4 – A light, traditional tobacco that combines lightness and tradition. The raw materials used in the manufacturing process are dried according to ancient techniques. The manufacturer describes this tobacco as harmonious and elegant.