The brand was founded in 1953 in St. Louis, Missouri, and its registered trademark is L&M (“L,” “end,” and “M”). The letters in the name are “Liggett” and “Myers,” the names of the brand’s founders. The cigarettes were characterized by the color of the filter, white. At the time, the filter color of many cigarette brands was brown. By the 2000s, L&M cigarettes were internationally recognized in over 60 countries.

Both strong and light cigarettes will catch the consumer’s attention.

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This brand of cigarettes is unique in all its manifestation, it is impossible not to notice it. And every experienced smoker realizes that only quality brands are worthy of his attention. And its virtues are numerous – quality, focus on different smokers, different flavor bouquets, and of course, a willingness to innovate more and more.

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What are L&M cigarettes?

L&M cigarettes are a brand of cigarettes manufactured by Philip Morris International. It was first sold in the United States in 1953 and quickly became popular around the world. 1. Strong flavor: L&M cigarettes are characterized by a strong flavor. You will enjoy a strong and full smoking experience with every puff. 2. Distinctive flavor: The distinctive flavor of this tobacco is unmistakable. You will enjoy a unique flavor and pleasant aroma with every puff. 3. High quality: L&M is a well-known brand for high-quality tobacco products and L&M Cigarettes are made from selected tobacco, offering first-class quality.