International Rothmans cigarettes have an impressively long history. It is a classic representative of British tobacco products. The products are made with high quality tobaccos and are proven by years of tradition and technology.

The brand is known for its light aroma and unique flavor. As a result, Rothmans International cigarettes have a large and impressive fan base. This product has captured the hearts of its fans with its balanced flavor. Its flavors are pleasant but not harsh, satisfying even the fussiest smokers.

Louis Rothman founded Rothmans International more than 100 years ago, in 1890, as a small company on Fleet Street in London. However, the business grew rapidly, and as early as 1905, King Edward awarded the 7th Cigarette with the Royal Medal of Honor.

Buying International Rothmans cigarettes across Australia and having them delivered to your doorstep offers many benefits and conveniences to customers.

Here are just a few – Cost savings: purchasing bulk cigarettes is much more advantageous than retail cigarettes. Buyers can save a lot of money by ordering in bulk at one time. Wide selection: Wholesalers offer a wide range of brands and varieties of cigarettes, allowing buyers to choose from a wholesale tobacco catalog what best suits their needs and preferences. Easy ordering: modern online tobacco stores allow customers to order online from the comfort of their home or office. This saves buyers time and effort.

Delivery: Many wholesalers offer delivery services throughout Australia. This is especially convenient for those in remote areas.

What are Rothmans cigarettes?

International Rothmans cigarettes are made from high quality raw materials and have a 100-year history. These ingredients include Virginia tobacco. Each cigarette has a brown filter. The brand’s tobacco products have an impeccable reputation worldwide for their original taste and high level of quality performance. International Rothmans cigarettes are heavily flavored and suitable for true lovers of tobacco flavor. The nobility of the brand is reflected not only in the flavor of the product, but also in the design of the packaging. The majestic coat of arms on the packaging reflects the top quality of the product inside.