Can a cigarette brand, despite a lack of advertising, and marketing approach, continue to be known and in demand? Yes, it is possible, and one popular cigarette brand has succeeded. We’re going to talk about LD cigarettes now. They have not ceased to be famous. Moreover, the bulk of buyers prefer to smoke only LD for many years, while not replacing them with other brands.

This is a kind of expansion of these cigarettes globally, and such a trend is advancing. Liggett-Ducat has shattered the concept that tobacco can only be smoked by the upper class of society. This is not true! Absolutely every smoker from any category can try this product in its variety.

Take, for example, LD Red – it is the strongest variation in the line, and it will conquer the former smokers with its deep and strong taste, and the flavor tells us about pure tobacco.

These cigarettes can be ordered through an accessible and reliable web resource. Now it is especially relevant, because the modern rhythm of life does not offer time to visit an offline store. The choice in offline stores may not please us. Online cigarette store will provide us with a convenient way to make a purchase. It is the most convenient and simple process. You add the product to your cart; fill in all the necessary information in the checkout fields. The order will be processed and very soon you will receive your favorite cigarettes right to your door.

What are LD cigarettes?

At the end of the twentieth century, two companies: Liggett Group Inc. and the Russian Ducat founded a new company, which was named in honor of these two copanies Liggett Ducat, i.e. the abbreviation of the letters. They were the originators of the creation of these cigarettes. Offering a variety of flavor variations of LD cigarettes, the range of products became sought after by consumers. Of course, at first LDs differed in strength, but after some time they produced menthol-flavored cigarettes. An important stage for LD was 2010 – it was a period of rebranding. The packaging was radically transformed, its presentation became attractive and fashionable. This brand proved to a wide audience that one should never be afraid to change.