Samson cigarettes are an ideal choice of true gourmets who want to enjoy the aroma of the East. Slim Samson cigarettes are produced for the smoker who admires a smart and delicate aroma of Eastern tobacco.

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What are Samson cigarettes?

Samson cigarettes are stuffed with Virginia tobacco. Several sorts of Virginia are used to fill up the cigarette inside. The stuffing is thinly sliced. No flavoring is mixed with the tobacco. The manufacturer wants only natural ingredients. Their taste is a combination of plum and sweets. Samson cigarettes have medium strength. They can ideally suit all smokers. Their aroma does not become evident immediately. Smokers discover all notes partially, during the smoke. Samson cigarettes have a cooling effect. Smokers who use them on hot days say that these cigarettes are refreshing. Another feature of Samson cigarettes is a smoke without throat hits.