Sovereign is one of the most popular tobacco brands in Europe, featuring traditional English Virginia blends.

The brand’s cigarettes have a classic flavor for connoisseurs of English quality and tradition. The manufacturer has made some good decisions regarding the Sovereign brand, including an exemplary decision to move away from additives altogether. However, much is also being done in terms of tobacco cultivation. Production has switched completely to organically grown tobacco, using only sun-aged Virginia tobacco.

Sovereign cigarettes are as powerful, flavorful, and aromatic as their name and pack design would suggest. Of course, the absence of additives is a major reason for this, which is reflected in an unaffected, mellow smoking experience. This is because, although strong tobacco is extremely valuable, it does not provide the sensation of smoking a real strong tobacco. Therefore, those who want to enjoy stronger tobacco should choose other brands, even without a filter.

These cigarettes will suit all tastes and preferences. Since these differences are essentially negligible (unless, of course, you are directly comparing the strongest and the lightest), trying them out can only help.

Online resources are the best opportunity to order Sovereign cigarettes. Unlike ordinary shops, this way is more advantageous because you do not have to pay charges that are related to the support of business facilities, staff and numerous taxes. While shopping online, you can conveniently send orders from home or anywhere, specify the delivery and enjoy numerous discounts as well. And this is modern to place orders in this way.

What are Sovereign cigarettes?

Sovereign cigarettes are a very special brand. This brand promises the pure flavor of all types of Virginia tobacco without the use of any additives. Furthermore, no pesticides or artificial fertilizers are used in the growing and production process. The variety of Virginia blend allows smokers to experience the rich, spicy Virginia flavor. Sovereign cigarettes come in two types: classic and light. Depending on the type of tobacco, the series of cigarettes come in oversized packages with a simple design and traditional red and blue (blue) colors. On the front of the cigarette box, there is a British Sovereign coin.