imagesSalem is a cigarette brand, which was introduced by the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company in 1956 as the first menthol cigarette furnished with a filter. The brand was so named after Winston-Salem in North Carolina where RJR was created and had areas.

Amid numerous years, Salem was one of the very much advanced cigarette brands in the United States. After 1956, the Salem brand was the one of those menthol cigarettes, which were overall advertised with an extraordinary achievement. Toward the end of 1960s, the brand’s maxim was “You can remove Salem from the nation, but…you can’t remove the nation from Salem.”

After that, the promoters utilized the adage “Springtime… it happens each Salem”.

The Salem’s packages were totally re-composed toward the end of 1990s, when the new Black Labels with more smoothly bundles showed up. Around then, the company additionally presented single cigarettes with green filters, which were appropriately named as “The Lucky”.

The Salems are currently disseminated in two renditions: Green Label and Black Label. The Green Label is advanced as gentle flavor cigarettes, the Black Labels are portrayed as stronger or “harder” smoking items.

The Salem cigarettes is a unique blend of the Asian Menthol. Presently, it is created by ITG Brands LLC, an obedient of Imperial Tobacco Company. In 1983, these cigarettes were screened in the film “Bad Boys”, where the Salem and Winston cigarettes were purchased in one scene via Sean Penn’s film figure.

Toward the start of 2000s, Salem was a donator of the Hong Kong Open, an ATP tennis competition, which gathered a lion’s share of high-rank gifted contenders. As a reward for the gift, the brand was named as the Salem Open. Salem likewise upheld numerous rivalries and even shows in the Asian area.

Salem is additionally showcased in the new light and ultra light cigarette renditions.

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