Now many manufacturers of tobacco products pamper their consumers who buy cigarettes online Brisbane wide with various novelties. Recently, thin cigarettes with special buttons on the filter have been very popular, which can completely change the aroma and taste of the inhaled smoke with one click.

What are thin push-button cigarettes?

If you take such a cigarette in your hand, then outwardly it will not differ at all from its classic original. The only change will concern the filter, inside which the manufacturers have installed a flavoring capsule that can completely change the taste.

To do this, it is enough to lightly squeeze the “button” on the filter and you can immediately enjoy the new taste of tobacco. At the same time, the smokers who buy cigarettes online Brisbane wide have the opportunity to choose at what time this feature can be activated.

For example, a capsule can be crushed at the beginning, during smoking, or at the very end, so that the aftertaste from the cigarette is the brightest and most intense.

What flavors do different manufacturers offer to those who buy cigarettes online Brisbane wide?

Below are some of the tobacco manufacturers who have provided capsules in a variety of flavors to their tobacco products.


Here, inside the filter, you can find not one capsule, but two whole ones: purple and yellow. Outwardly, a pack of cigarettes is no different from an ordinary one. Only on the front side there is a graphic representation of two “buttons”.

Also, a special recess is provided inside the compact pack, which allows you to easily remove the cigarette without damaging it. In the process of smoking, a person has the ability to completely control taste. For example, when you press the purple button, the tobacco smoke will be filled with the aroma of black currant, and if it is yellow, with fresh lime. You can activate the capsules at the same time, creating a true cocktail of berry and citrus flavors.