Drum cigarettes first appeared on the Dutch market in 1952 and quickly gained international recognition. Today Drum cigarettes are the No. 1 cigarette tobacco by sales volume and are represented in more than 80 countries.

In our opinion, the Drum cigarettes tobacco is quite an ordinary tobacco, from the company Imperial Tobacco.

Drum cigarettes are cheap, but of very high quality and therefore very popular among connoisseurs. Drum cigarettes are available in different strengths and formats, there is something for every type of smoker. The cut of the tobacco is long-fiber, so that it is particularly suitable for your daily consumption. Tip: Let the Drum cigarettes dry a little. Then they will be very suitable for smoking.

You have been able to buy Drum cigarettes in our online shop for a long time. The tobacco stands for an extraordinary design and an unmistakable character. Drum cigarettes remain loyal at all times and do not accept any compromises – especially when it comes to the quality of your products.

Drum cigarettes are for those people who go their own way and know what they want. That is why they choose a product that offers them premium quality at a fair price and appeals to them with a modern look.

We think that you should buy the Drum cigarettes, because they have been a loyal companion of many smokers for a long time.

Convince yourself with the selected premium tobacco of Drum cigarettes.

A very good smoke development and a voluminous, solid tobacco for an excellent smoking experience with the drum tobacco.

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Filters. Simple and charcoal. Charcoal filters smoke better, but can make tobacco aroma and taste poorer.

Mouthpiece. Some kind of alternative to filters if you don’t like them. Purchase it to prevent smoke from burning the sky and tobacco from entering your mouth.